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Friday, November 18, 2005

More Jewish Week

Krum has posted an interesting follow-up to this story, and The Town Crier traces where the new information came from. Answers some questions, but raises a few more, especially about the propriety of The Jewish Week's coverage of the whole affair. Can't say that surprises me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A few good observations:

1. Now we know that the source of the email was Elan Steinberg.

2. Now we have to ask why LCE emailed Steinberg a letter he “meant” for Singer.

3. Now we can ask Rosenblatt why he states that the JW is pursuing this story like any other when he has written more on the WJC in the past year than he has about AIPAC (indictments), Disengagement (pretty big deal), AJC (indictment for embezzling $1mil) or even the Federation (his bread and butter).

4. Now we can ask Rosenblatt why he states that he writes stories when he feels he can advance his coverage if LCE testified on Sept 30 and Rosenblatt waited until the end of October to publish his story.

12:26 PM  

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