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Friday, July 28, 2006

Wartime Flame Wars

In a post Ben Smith titles "Mideast Conflict Spillover Watch", he points out how a sweet little post on the NY real estate blog Curbed has its comment thread turn into a platform for a lovely little anti-Israel diatribe. The post discusses a newly opened public waterfront park in the Hassid and hipster enclave of Williamsburg, and includes some pictures which have views of some Hasidic parkgoers enjoying the view in the foreground of the shots. The images somehow compel a commenter to leave this sentiment on the thread:
Yep, JEW York has served its 'chosen people' before the rest of the unwashed masses. Send them back to Israel to be cannon fodder of the Hezbollah.

Screw the Amish too.
And when other commenters respond to this idiocy, he lashes out with more of his version of the "facts":
If I'm infuriating any one, who cares...the truth hurts. Try being a Palestinian, living in Gaza, freely expressing yourself. Your house will get knocked down and the Israel government will put you in the streets.

Why arent Americans sick of having to 'protect' a weak nation such as Israel? We believe in 'might makes right'. That means if Israel cannot defend itself without the suport of the good ole USA, too bad, BYE BYE Israel.

There are more Jews in NYC than IN Israel anyways...So why aren't they returning to fight their own battles??? Are you weak?? How can an American Jew complain about Israels situation, OR my opinion of it, if they are'nt DOING something about it?? Hypocrisy disgusts me.

What disgusts me the most is the ethnic cleansing perpetrated by the Jews against the Palastines...and the genocide aginst the Lebanese.

It takes a BIG Jew to drop bombs on Lebanese civilians.

I mean...aren't you people paying attention??? The Israelites are no better than Machette wielding Hutu's murdering thier neighbors.

No wonder Arabia hates the Jew.

....I'm just sick of Jews getting the US into it's scraps. Any one notice that big whole in the NYC skyline?? Whey are we putting ourselves in the cross hairs again?? For what??
Another commenter on the post responds with an amusing rejoinder:

Just an ironic note -- the Hasidim pictured in the park are members of the Satmar sect, whose leaders are virulently anti-Zionist. The chief Satmar rebbe Joel Teitelbaum (1887-1979) even went so far as to declare that Zionists had "caused the Holocaust" by taking back the land of Israel before the arrival of the Jewish Messiah.
Also, here's another post, on a Brooklyn-focused blog, about a Brooklyn home that was defaced with red paint because the residents chose to fly an Israeli flag from their front window. That comment thread also turned into a battle between pro-Israel and anti-Israel commenters. Check them out.

These flame wars over the Mideast conflict have been occurring, of course, on a much larger scale on megablogs all over the blogosphere. But it's interesting to see this on a local level, on these blogs with such a narrow focus.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This sums up the push-pull in NY between libs and conservatives. Brooklyn is a hotbed for these kinds of arguments.

5:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One commenter said...

"We believe in 'might makes right'. That means if Israel cannot defend itself without the suport of the good ole USA, too bad, BYE BYE Israel."

So I'm thinking like this. All the countries of the world cut off all support to Israel, Hamas and Hezbollah. If any of them need anything they pay cash. Give them a year to sort it out and let the chips fall where they may.

I think by the spring of 2008 Israeli real estate developers should be opening up the latest seaside condos in Gaza City and Tyre.

9:58 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

It's also a good time to be very careful, as people start acting on their feelings: Canonist had a link about a shooting at the Federation in Seattle (1 killed, 5 wounded). I'll be extremely upset if this isn't categorized as a terrorist incident/hate crime, but Seattle is not known for its love of Jews. (At least, its paper isn't.)

1:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've also seen a tremendous amount of political flame wars on the email lists of universities. People who have no compulsion to post about what's going on in other areas of the world feel that they must blame Israel for their "unprovoked attack" and "devastation" of Lebanon.

Most begin their emails with the words, "I am Lebanese" and that their family is in contact with them and describe horrible "massacres" and "indiscriminate attacks on civilians". And that Israel uses illegal biological warfare against the Lebanese in their daily fighting.

It's scary just how pervasive this gets.

1:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is going here

Hezbollah Launches Deep Rocket Strike on Israel

5:21 PM  
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