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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I've just about had enough


Yeah, I read him/her regularly in the beginning, just like everyone else did. I felt the blog started off relatively balanced. The post titles were reasonable, and reflected what was being reported in the mainstream media at the time. Yes, it was pure gossip, but it was nothing more than what we were reading in the Jewish press. And there was a back and forth in the comments, where JWB was actually willing to debate the commenters on the merits or lack of merits of his posts. He/she was even willing to give some ground at times when a commenter would prove a point particularly well. But recently, his/her posts have gotten way out of hand. Many items rely entirely on anonymous sources, theoretical "facts", and pure innuendo. I feel that it has completely descended into the pit of salacious tabloidism, whereas in the past, it was just hovering around the entrance. Not to mention the lives being ruined by his/her vicious gossipmongering.

I used to read JWB as a guilty pleasure, like reading US Weekly or People magazines. Now reading JWB just makes me feel guilty.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm totally with you! Even his post titles have gotten hysterical. I'm willing to hear gossip (so shoot me) as long as theres something there to back it up. I think JWB has gotten way out of hand too. Its no fun to read this stuff when its so out of control. Might as well read about aliens abducting Camilla Parker Bowles or something. At least theres probably no sin of lashon hara or motzi shem ra when I do that!

10:17 AM  
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