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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Read This

This has been linked by half the J-Blogosphere, but it's important enough to keep linking. Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz posts a column on sexual abuse of children. It's a must-read.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you. Where do you find all these relevant links?

12:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Call the gerer rabbis in boro park and ask them why they did nothing all these years WHEN THEY KNEW THE FACTS ALL ALONG AND ASK THEM WHAT THEY INTEND TO DO IN THE FUTURE TO ASSURE VICTIMS WONT BE IGNORED And how and when they intend to reach out to the system's victims with apologies and comforting words.
Lastly, ask them what teshuva they took upon themselves for this massive dereliction of duties.

David Olewski 718-436-8216 854-8777
Elie Fisher 718-853-3084 or 435-9135
Nuchem Kernwasser 718-853-7179 917-515-8117


11:58 PM  

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